Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Arts reflection

In term 3 we learnt how to do dance with Mrs Jones and how to do drama with Mrs Hull.  I did not have a clue what to do, I used to do random stuff when I was dancing by myself.

I put my learning at multistructural because we used some of the elements of drama. The setting was at St James Park.  Oliver, Ethan, Campbell and I were the playwrights because we wrote the play.  It turned into a funny play.
The characters were Jordan, Oliver, Ethan and Campbell. We had some disagreements when it came to deciding what to do.  In the end we worked together.  We had to get the props and costumes or all of us to use.

We included dialogue by talking to each other, so we had look at each other in the eyes, so we could see when we were listening and needing to speak next. We were trying to be funny to entertain the audience. We had fun making the whole crowd laugh at what we were doing with our body language.

When I was trying to figure an idea by myself, I could not figure one out what was in my head, but when we were in a group with four kids, I finally got the idea out of my head.

My next step is writing a play that includes a protagonist and antagonist character to get me to relational.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Camp writing

We got to camp at Wainui, my body was shivering from the chill of the air. When I opened my cabin door I shook in horror. I turned on the light and opened the windows and the cold wind came into my face. I put my suitcase on the bed and got my stuff out of my suitcase.  I made my bed up and went to the dining hall, I was excited about doing orienteering.

So we set off into the forest.  I saw the trees moving in the wind and the sun shining brightly as it lit up the sky. It was like the sun was trying to cook a chicken it was so hot.

I said to Oliver I need water, I need it now! But Oliver said you have to wait till we get back to the dining hall. Also Oliver said, we have to find the controls, but I couldn't read a map.  Bill taught me how to read a map and how to find the controls. I also tried not to fall over and slide down the hill, I didn't want to get muddy and break my leg. 

When we were looking for number 14 it was covered with grass. We could not find it until Mrs Jones lifted the grass so we could see it. As we were walking through gooey slimed mud, on our way to the next control, leaves were cracking under my feet.  My feet were getting cold and were nearly frozen, to the point I could only move slowly. But I was lucky because we were moving at a fast pace so we could get into the dining hall.  I was looking forward to my feet warming up and being able to move my feet again. 

I was brave because I had to walk carefully across the  bridge on the top of the hill. I did not fall down the hill, I made it to the other side to get the post. “Hooray” I said to myself.

I had to say to myself cut out of the dreaminess, lets get back into the game to find the controls. I yelled out to Bill “I found one right here Bill!

I was worried that I would skid on my feet and fall over because I had no grip on my shoes. But I did not fall over on my face so I was lucky.  We were so close to finishing orienteering. I was so glad that we were nearly done.  I wanted to get back quickly to eat my food for morning tea because I was so hungry.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hide and seek

I hear the teachers leave the classroom,
to come and find the whole class. 
I have so many bins in front of me.
It is quite smelly where I was, 
but I hear the voice of the teacher coming to look in.
She finds some people in the bin. but not Isaac, nor me. 
I hear someone run past.
I hope they don't get found
before me. They are quite sneaky. 
I am so invisible, because you won't find me. 

Thursday, 22 September 2016



We found heaps of rubbish in are area.  We also collected this rubbish.   This is our map, showing where we found rubbish, both times.

We also classified the rubbish we found into types of rubbish and displayed this into this graph.
The amount of rubbish is most common against walls building and fences because when it blows it gets stuck against areas as found in our data findings.
We read an article about a fleet of research waka which spent two years criss were crossing t Pacific ocean, observing rubbish in the Pacific Ocean.   They noticed that if they found rubbish in the ocean, it usually meant they were getting close to land.  Because of this, we infer that most rubbish in the ocean comes from land.

We wondered if the rubbish in our playground might have a similar trend.   We decided, before lunch on Wednesday last week, to go and find out.

We split the school into 12 sections on a map.  Each section had a group of scientist (us!) to make observations and inferences.

Our observations and inferences:
We found most of the rubbish stuck in the ditch and stuck and in the fences.
We put a red dot on the map wherever we found a piece of rubbish and collected all the rubbish.
After lunch we went back, and noted with a blue dot, any new rubbish found in ou
Because people would drop their rubbish on the field and then the wind would blow it into the ditch and it would be stuck there      

People usually find rubbish in the ditch, and I think I know why, it's because people throw rubbish on the field and the wind will blow it in the ditch. And there could be another way, when it just blows out of their pockets.
Our data might not be correct because  there was so much that we had to put the dots over a little on the map and so they may not be in the exact place we found the rubbish.

We have learnt heaps of things from picking up the rubbish, we have learnt not to litter of course.  We can stop littering and then are environment would be a better place.  And we won't have any rubbish in the ocean, because sometimes the rubbish goes into a drain. Then it flows to the ocean.


After we made these observations and inferences, we were left with questions as to why people in our school failed to put their rubbish in the bins! Why does so much end up back around the school after one break time? Maybe it is falling out of people's pockets? Perhaps it's the winds fault? Or maybe the students of Waimairi school are dropping it on purpose?

Since then, we have recorded how rubbish was dropped at morning tea and lunch. Basically, we spied on the school! We, as scientists, have completed an investigation into why rubbish is ending up on the ground. On Thursday the 18th of August, we went out at morning tea and lunchtime t, were the Te Puna block, the walkway down to Ara Atu and the playground behind room 13. We think this might be because people playing in these areas may not understand why it is important to put rubbish in the bin. We also inferred that since there's big bushes at Ara Atu, people think they can hide their rubbish there.

Also, there is no rubbish bin in sight of the playground in these areas, so people lazily drop it instead. We think that most people do this because they think that they can hide it, or can get away with dropping it, even when they know it is wrong. And they do get away with it! Why don't people take a little walk over to the bin to put their rubbish where it belongs?


At lunchtime, 219 pieces of rubbish were dropped throughout the school JUST during lunch eating time. That's 2 out of every 5 people in the school on average. that is a large amount of people to be dropping rubbish.
From what we saw, 79 pieces of rubbish were dropped on purpose, and 44 were left where people were eating.

Just like at morning tea time, we think that around the school most of the people drop the rubbish because there's not enough rubbish bins around. Although there are already some bins, there only a few, and sometimes not in the best places.
We also think that some children might not be able to reach the bins because we observed the bins are quite a bit taller than some junior children. Younger students also may not understand why it is bad to leave rubbish on the ground.

We could maybe get more and smaller bins to show others that bins are valued around the school but we think most of the kids already know about why we shouldn't  drop rubbish - because it will cause lots of problems for the animals in our environment and make our school look messy.

We spotted some differences between Morning Tea and Lunchtime. At lunch-eating time, more pieces of rubbish were dropped then the whole of morning tea time, even though morning tea is longer than lunch eating time. We think that more rubbish was dropped at lunch because more food is eaten at lunchtime and there would be a bigger chance of rubbish flying out of their lunchboxes. Lunch food is also more likely to have wrappers. However we also inferred that people might deliberately litter so that they don’t get in trouble for walking to the bin - as we are not allowed to stand up during lunch eating time.

Under the classroom is also a common place to put rubbish. But the reason  that people drop rubbish there is because they think no one will notice. But we did! But if you think that you get away with it, then you are wrong because we see rubbish everywhere, even in sneaky places where people will think you can't see it.to make observations of you all, collecting data to find out how rubbish gets on the ground.

We split up into 12 groups. At morning tea we spread ourselves around the whole school to observe. At lunchtime we spread the 12 groups around the lunch eating areas and observed what happened to the rubbish.
We have made inferences from our observations and here is what we found:


At morning tea time, Waimairi school dropped 205 pieces of rubbish. That's 2 out of 5 people on average who dropped rubbish. 110 pieces of rubbish were dropped on purpose, which is more than half of the rubbish we observed being dropped. We also saw 46 pieces of rubbish dropped without the person realising that they had dropped it, often as they were walking.We also saw rubbish being dropped from pockets.

The places we found that rubbish had been dropped the mos

Overall, 424 pieces of rubbish were dropped in the 45 minutes we were observing that day. That’s almost one piece of rubbish per person. If nobody ever picks this rubbish up, then by the end of the week there would be 2120 pieces of rubbish floating around the school.  Many people dropped their rubbish on purpose, but also accidentally, leaving it where they ate or hiding it.

We think if we all work together our school can be cleaner by just simply walking  to the bin, because just doing a simple thing like that will help to make a big difference. But we also think that during lunch eating time we should be allowed to stand up to walk to the bin to put our rubbish in it. We will be discussing this with the teachers. This means people will be less likely to throw it in the bushes, under the buildings, leave it where they were eating or just throw it on the ground.

We also plan to write to the board of trustees to see if we can have more bins built permanently into the areas that we’ve observed to gather the most rubbish. We also need bins that are the right size for younger kids as well.

So what is the most important thing for you to remember from today? Do not drop rubbish on purpose. It’s pretty simple.  Please walk the few metres to the bins, otherwise we will all be swimming in a pool of rubbish.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016


We are a good county because most people welcome immigrants from other places like Fiji, Philippines, Canada, Samoa, Japan, Australia, India, Italy and China but some people might say you can’t play with us because you are from a different country.  

Immigrants are people who come from different countries. We interviewed some people from the Philippines, so I asked them some questions like where did you come. Or why did you chose New Zealand for?  We learned we can help people feel included by saying hello and smiling. 

There are many things which make Immigrants feel alienated or unwelcome people frowning and being mean, staring at the immigrants and whispering, pointing out at them these all make them feel unwelcome. If immigrants don’t speak  the language other people might laugh and tease them so then they would go home crying. Perhaps they would keep on doing it, so that means that they have been bullied  as well. 

When I came from Belfast School people were nice to me by saying hello and people were friendly. They smiled at me, then I felt very welcome to this school.  People showed me around the school, where the toilets were because I did not know where they were. 

How would you feel if you got bullied at school?  Immigrants feel bullied because other people might be 
Teasing accents
Saying do you have a bomb in your lunch box 
Laughing and teasing

Here are tips for New Zealand people to welcome immigrants from other countries. I think that if you see a person  getting bullied well you should go up to them and say “No that is not a nice thing to say, well stop.”  Then welcome them by:

Being kind. 
Saying hello. 
Do you want to play.

We want to make immigrants feel welcome because they wouldn't come here any more. This why we should stop because we want to be a good county. We need to help the immigrants to stay in this country and in Christchurch.  What do think you should do? I should go up to the person who is bullying a person who is  standing alone and stop teasing him  what if you were that person?                     

We should appreciate our mothers

This term I did a speech about why we should appreciate mothers. I was learning to use more words that could connect with my speech so then it would fit with my writing. I used many ideas but I needed  help to connect them. I also I needed help to connect my ideas. I used one language device to persuade and connect with audience. I used idioms, for example: I think that the sun rises and set on my mother.
Please click here to listen to my speech.

I bet you are nice to your mother.  I bet you will do the washing when she asks you to? You probably fold the washing too. Or perhaps you’re not so kind…. Perhaps you get sick of someone telling you what to do or calling your name like 10 times while you are the middle of  video game …. it is annoying so you say I'm coming I'm coming while trying to finish the game.

We should appreciate our mothers.

Did you know that it costs nearly $400,000 on average to raise a child in New Zealand? That is only one of the many sacrifices that your parents make for you throughout your childhood.

It makes me think of the time when my Mum prepared a surprise for my birthday cake- it was a Spider-Man cake for my 5th, and batman on my 8th birthday. I jumped for joy. She used up her time to make me a birthday cake.

Also there was  the time that I went to the Margaret mahy park and there was a new slide and you have to climb steps like on an obstacle course.  It has a bumpy slide made out of metal. That was  the first  time I went down. She used up time to take me to  the park and we had a  fun time.

And there was the time when my mum played with me on my Xbox 360. We played bowling even though my mum had a sore back. She said that it was a reward if I did my job or homework.   She made a sacrifice by playing even though she was in pain.

I think the sun rises and sets on my mother. She is a beautiful mother. Do you love your mother? Think she is a shining  star? You might wonder why does your mother have to be annoying but that's what mother do, because they love you. Maybe your mother is happy or maybe not. Does she cook dinner for you? Maybe if you helped her, then she  would be a happier mother. And we all agree that happy mothers make the world a better place.




Sunday, 3 July 2016


Across the playground people zoom 
on the slide and oscillate on the swing
 at the park.
Outside the birds chirp a happy song.
They have a nice day at the park 
But it's hard to play tag  
because there is so much stuff in the way 
so you have to jump 
over the stuff 
it is annoying
but I am happy 
when I'm alone,
with no people around.

I go back to my house 
to play on my tablet or Xbox 360
and I have dinner with my mum 

In the pond by the park 
I watch a big 
eel swim pass me 
it was big one 
there was someone by me 
who want to grab the eel 
but he couldn't get it because 
he want to smoke 
it on the BBQ .

Christchurch is my place