Thursday, 18 February 2016

Where's my happy place?

Where’s my happy place?

Where the toe toe move in the wind, 
blowing like flies.
Where the kiwi call to each other 
to say good night.
Where the kea eat other people's food 
all the time, it's annoying.
Where the tui plays in the forest with every other tui,
chirping their wonderful song in the world.
Where the pig rolls in the mud 
They find it so fun
That’s my happy place.


  1. Lovely poem Jor, very good words xx

  2. Well done Jor, you wonderful poet! That must be for your native project at school. Love ALxx

  3. Well done Jor, that must be your native project from school. Love you ALxx

  4. Hi Jordan its Monty .your writing is quite unique you,ve improved a lot from last year.

  5. Thats our Coast kid....very good work Jor, and Nana & Poppa love you xx