Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Going down the hill

I felt scared when I clipped  on my  helmet. I shivered when I jumped on my bike.   I had to control the  brakes.  I was shaking as we biked to the tree. I wanted  to go home to mum. On the other hand I love to ride a bike, with my mum, but she was not there. We went into the forest then we got closer and closer to a steep hill. I gasped when it was my turn. I said to myself please help, can someone help me please?
Finally I went down the hill then I felt happy and a wee bit sad. Because I didn't what to stop biking. We went back to the point where we started. We finished the ride then we put  our bikes down. I wanted to go to my bunk room but the teacher said, “It's time to stay outside.”
I just wanted to go into my sleeping  bag.

In this piece of writing what was I learning I was learning to use verbs and strong words. How did I go I went fine because I had to get help from the teacher. What are my next steps? My steps are to use present tense  and  punctuation and more ideas.

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