Sunday, 3 July 2016


Across the playground people zoom 
on the slide and oscillate on the swing
 at the park.
Outside the birds chirp a happy song.
They have a nice day at the park 
But it's hard to play tag  
because there is so much stuff in the way 
so you have to jump 
over the stuff 
it is annoying
but I am happy 
when I'm alone,
with no people around.

I go back to my house 
to play on my tablet or Xbox 360
and I have dinner with my mum 

In the pond by the park 
I watch a big 
eel swim pass me 
it was big one 
there was someone by me 
who want to grab the eel 
but he couldn't get it because 
he want to smoke 
it on the BBQ .

Christchurch is my place

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