Tuesday, 20 September 2016


We are a good county because most people welcome immigrants from other places like Fiji, Philippines, Canada, Samoa, Japan, Australia, India, Italy and China but some people might say you can’t play with us because you are from a different country.  

Immigrants are people who come from different countries. We interviewed some people from the Philippines, so I asked them some questions like where did you come. Or why did you chose New Zealand for?  We learned we can help people feel included by saying hello and smiling. 

There are many things which make Immigrants feel alienated or unwelcome people frowning and being mean, staring at the immigrants and whispering, pointing out at them these all make them feel unwelcome. If immigrants don’t speak  the language other people might laugh and tease them so then they would go home crying. Perhaps they would keep on doing it, so that means that they have been bullied  as well. 

When I came from Belfast School people were nice to me by saying hello and people were friendly. They smiled at me, then I felt very welcome to this school.  People showed me around the school, where the toilets were because I did not know where they were. 

How would you feel if you got bullied at school?  Immigrants feel bullied because other people might be 
Teasing accents
Saying do you have a bomb in your lunch box 
Laughing and teasing

Here are tips for New Zealand people to welcome immigrants from other countries. I think that if you see a person  getting bullied well you should go up to them and say “No that is not a nice thing to say, well stop.”  Then welcome them by:

Being kind. 
Saying hello. 
Do you want to play.

We want to make immigrants feel welcome because they wouldn't come here any more. This why we should stop because we want to be a good county. We need to help the immigrants to stay in this country and in Christchurch.  What do think you should do? I should go up to the person who is bullying a person who is  standing alone and stop teasing him  what if you were that person?                     

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