Tuesday, 20 September 2016

We should appreciate our mothers

This term I did a speech about why we should appreciate mothers. I was learning to use more words that could connect with my speech so then it would fit with my writing. I used many ideas but I needed  help to connect them. I also I needed help to connect my ideas. I used one language device to persuade and connect with audience. I used idioms, for example: I think that the sun rises and set on my mother.
Please click here to listen to my speech.

I bet you are nice to your mother.  I bet you will do the washing when she asks you to? You probably fold the washing too. Or perhaps you’re not so kind…. Perhaps you get sick of someone telling you what to do or calling your name like 10 times while you are the middle of  video game …. it is annoying so you say I'm coming I'm coming while trying to finish the game.

We should appreciate our mothers.

Did you know that it costs nearly $400,000 on average to raise a child in New Zealand? That is only one of the many sacrifices that your parents make for you throughout your childhood.

It makes me think of the time when my Mum prepared a surprise for my birthday cake- it was a Spider-Man cake for my 5th, and batman on my 8th birthday. I jumped for joy. She used up her time to make me a birthday cake.

Also there was  the time that I went to the Margaret mahy park and there was a new slide and you have to climb steps like on an obstacle course.  It has a bumpy slide made out of metal. That was  the first  time I went down. She used up time to take me to  the park and we had a  fun time.

And there was the time when my mum played with me on my Xbox 360. We played bowling even though my mum had a sore back. She said that it was a reward if I did my job or homework.   She made a sacrifice by playing even though she was in pain.

I think the sun rises and sets on my mother. She is a beautiful mother. Do you love your mother? Think she is a shining  star? You might wonder why does your mother have to be annoying but that's what mother do, because they love you. Maybe your mother is happy or maybe not. Does she cook dinner for you? Maybe if you helped her, then she  would be a happier mother. And we all agree that happy mothers make the world a better place.




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