Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Camp writing

We got to camp at Wainui, my body was shivering from the chill of the air. When I opened my cabin door I shook in horror. I turned on the light and opened the windows and the cold wind came into my face. I put my suitcase on the bed and got my stuff out of my suitcase.  I made my bed up and went to the dining hall, I was excited about doing orienteering.

So we set off into the forest.  I saw the trees moving in the wind and the sun shining brightly as it lit up the sky. It was like the sun was trying to cook a chicken it was so hot.

I said to Oliver I need water, I need it now! But Oliver said you have to wait till we get back to the dining hall. Also Oliver said, we have to find the controls, but I couldn't read a map.  Bill taught me how to read a map and how to find the controls. I also tried not to fall over and slide down the hill, I didn't want to get muddy and break my leg. 

When we were looking for number 14 it was covered with grass. We could not find it until Mrs Jones lifted the grass so we could see it. As we were walking through gooey slimed mud, on our way to the next control, leaves were cracking under my feet.  My feet were getting cold and were nearly frozen, to the point I could only move slowly. But I was lucky because we were moving at a fast pace so we could get into the dining hall.  I was looking forward to my feet warming up and being able to move my feet again. 

I was brave because I had to walk carefully across the  bridge on the top of the hill. I did not fall down the hill, I made it to the other side to get the post. “Hooray” I said to myself.

I had to say to myself cut out of the dreaminess, lets get back into the game to find the controls. I yelled out to Bill “I found one right here Bill!

I was worried that I would skid on my feet and fall over because I had no grip on my shoes. But I did not fall over on my face so I was lucky.  We were so close to finishing orienteering. I was so glad that we were nearly done.  I wanted to get back quickly to eat my food for morning tea because I was so hungry.

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