Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Arts reflection

In term 3 we learnt how to do dance with Mrs Jones and how to do drama with Mrs Hull.  I did not have a clue what to do, I used to do random stuff when I was dancing by myself.

I put my learning at multistructural because we used some of the elements of drama. The setting was at St James Park.  Oliver, Ethan, Campbell and I were the playwrights because we wrote the play.  It turned into a funny play.
The characters were Jordan, Oliver, Ethan and Campbell. We had some disagreements when it came to deciding what to do.  In the end we worked together.  We had to get the props and costumes or all of us to use.

We included dialogue by talking to each other, so we had look at each other in the eyes, so we could see when we were listening and needing to speak next. We were trying to be funny to entertain the audience. We had fun making the whole crowd laugh at what we were doing with our body language.

When I was trying to figure an idea by myself, I could not figure one out what was in my head, but when we were in a group with four kids, I finally got the idea out of my head.

My next step is writing a play that includes a protagonist and antagonist character to get me to relational.

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